• August 20, 2014
  • By Ryan Pacificador
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Brendan Shalders

Regarding Rypaci Marketing Solutions

Following interviews with prospective website developers across Philippines, Taiwan & Nepal, and following a thorough review process, Rypaci Marketing Solutions was selected to commence the building of our groups websites.

I have personally met with Ryan and his team based in Davao, Philippines, and have observed their operations first hand. Of particular benefit is that the team shares knowledge, information and resources allowing them to tackle difficult or complex items collectively. This is very different from a freelancer that usually works alone, and cannot collaborate as freely and quickly. This is a great credit to Ryan and his team allowing them to confidently deliver items to the client.

Ryan has always made himself available to respond to any questions my business partner and I may have.
We have been impressed with the level of professionalism that Rypaci Marketing Solutions has provided and we will be pleased to continue having an ongoing business relationship with the team for the monthly maintenance of our websites after the build phase.

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Brendan Shalders



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