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When you turn your head to your right. You see it, again to your left, you tend again to see it. They serve as notes for everyone that you need to do this and that. Warnings that this are prohibited and should be avoided. Or it serves as simply our individual reminders. Life-sized post it’s that are scattered around to make us remember things that are easily forgotten. Custom signs as they called

“No smoking”, “No Parking”, “No texting while driving”, “Do not block the drive way”, “Bus stop” are just few of the unusual custom signs that we tend to see in our everyday life. Yes, simple words you might say but don’t you know that if you will just take this simple words for granted 99 out 100 people might face death.

Death definitely, that’s why custom signs should be taken seriously they may appear in an ugly black and white letters, yet that sign that sucks and irritates you might save your life. Save you even from death if you will going to read it every day and bring it along for a lifetime. They’re maybe post it yet they serve not just an ordinary note that it forgotten you can just do it another day, the moment you take it for granted the moment you became closer to your end.

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