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Custom Sign


When you turn your head to your right. You see it, again to your left, you tend again to see it. They serve as notes for everyone that you need to do this and that. Warnings that this are prohibited and should be avoided. Or it serves as simply our individual reminders. Life-sized post it’s that are scattered around to make us remember things that are easily forgotten. Custom signs as they called

“No smoking”, “No Parking”, “No texting while driving”, “Do not block the drive way”, “Bus stop” are just few of the unusual custom signs that we tend to see in our everyday life. Yes, simple words you might say but don’t you know that if you will just take this simple words for granted 99 out 100 people might face death.

Death definitely, that’s why custom signs should be taken seriously they may appear in an ugly black and white letters, yet that sign that sucks and irritates you might save your life. Save you even from death if you will going to read it every day and bring it along for a lifetime. They’re maybe post it yet they serve not just an ordinary note that it forgotten you can just do it another day, the moment you take it for granted the moment you became closer to your end.

Rypaci Search Application

Looking for existing files or broken links is one of the chores that most web developer dislike. Broken links may lead to software bugs and some changes on your websites. Checking files and fixing broken links can take a long time to do not unless you only have few files to check on your websites.

Broken links causes your website to commit mistakes, create bugs, content changes, invalid URL or missing some pages (Page not found.). This shrinks the number of readers or visitors on your website. Fixing these will make your readers happy.

Why need to check your existing files on your website?

If you want to make some changes on your website, it is necessary to look first the existing files. In that way it would be easier for you to make changes on and it guarantees that the file you are going to change is exist or not. In addition, if the file does not exist, then you would know what the next thing to do.

We introduce an exciting new capability called Ryapaci Search Application. This application provides a simple tool for managing your Website existing files. This will help you find and get rid of those broken links and find some existing files on your website.

This will check obtainable case on your site by simply adding some keyword on the application. It can also check a file such as images on your website by adding the file name on the application. A detector will help you notify keyword or file name that exist on your website. This would help you find some broken links. No more, hustle on how you are going to find some file on your website. Through our SEARCH APP, it would be much easier for you to fixed broken links or check existing files.

With this tool, you are able to determine existing file on your websites. Rypaci Search App is available free of charge.

Why use Rypaci Search Application?
1. To watch important system files on your websites.
2. Lets you specify files to watch/view if it is existing or not on your websites.
3. Can scan existing keyword or file on your websites.
4. You can select only certain files on your website to be check.
5. You can add specific website/websites to be check.
6. You can check certain keyword in several sites.
7. It has an indicator to know if your keyword or file is existing or not.
Yellow line: Application is start searching.
Green line: Indicates that the keyword or file exist
Red Line: Indicates that the file or keyword does not exist.

1. This is the fastest and easiest way to check existing file on your website. .
2. No more, hustle waiting for the longest time to be look for existing file as well none existing file.
3. Reduces broken links.
4. Ensures that people will to visit your website

Try now and get Rypaci Search Application for free!

Video demo click here

Click here to download the software for free.

Enjoy !!!


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Rypaci Pinger Version 1

One of the most important strategies in SEO is link building, this will help your site set more traffic. After building the links, it is also very important to ping them. Please click here the benefits of pinging your blog posts.

Ping is a web service and it is used to warn spider and crawler indexer’s when a new page has been added or updated on your blog.

Some example of pinging services is

  • Pingomatic
  • Pingates
  • Pingler
  • And many more.

It takes a lot of time to ping your links manually to a lot of ping services sites that is why we come up with our ping software called rypaci pinger.

Video demo click here

Click here to download the software for free.

Enjoy !!!


For support call or email:

Email: ryansians@gmail.com

Skype: ryans_ians

Mobile number: +639208828513

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Use Shopify to create your online store.

All the features you want, none of the clutter.

Shopify handles all the hassles of online retail.


Full control over your website’s design

Choose from over 100 beautiful templates or create a completely custom design for your online store.

Instantly accept credit cards

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Shopify is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure credit card data is secure.

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Shopify POS

Shopify POS is an iPad application that lets you sell your Shopify store's products in a physical, retail setting.

It's quick and easy: browse your store's catalog, pick a customer's products, swipe their credit card, and print their receipt or send it through email.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/8y4JzCopAPg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Fix is to use active mode

I got this error

11:59:41 Command: CWD /var/www/drupal-stg2.rschooltoday.com/httpdocs

11:59:41 Response: 550 Can't change directory to /var/www/drupal-stg2.rschooltoday.com/httpdocs: No such file or directory
11:59:41 Command: PWD
11:59:41 Response: 257 "/" is your current location
11:59:41 Command: TYPE I
11:59:41 Response: 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
11:59:41 Command: PASV
11:59:42 Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,230,84,110)
11:59:42 Status: Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead.
11:59:42 Command: MLSD
12:00:02 Error: Connection timed out
12:00:02 Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

How to fix


In FileZilla, click on Edit | Settings.

Under Connection, click on FTP and choose Active as the Transfer Mode.

Under Connection, under FTP, click on Active mode and choose “Ask your operating system for the external IP address” (the default setting).

Under Connection, under FTP, click on Passive mode and choose “Fall back to active mode” (this is an optional setting).


Hope this helpful



Amazon EC2 Management


  1. Sign In to amazon


2. Go to My Account/Console -> AWS Management Console


3. Go to  Compute & Networking Column and look for EC2 [Virtual Servers in the Cloud] or Click on Services at the top bar and look for EC2



4. At the top dark grey bar beside your account name, Click the next tab with a white arrow and select where the server is located. In the figure below, we set to Singapore.

Click the Launch Instance Button when it’s ready.


5. Choose an Amazon Machine Image [We used the ubuntu server 12.04.3], Click the select button to proceed

56. Choose Instance Type, for this we have used t1.micro because it is free. We can select other option but it’s not free. Click Next: Configure Instance Details button to proceed.



6.1 Select the free Instance Type as illustrated on the figure below



7. Configure Instance [Leave as it is] and clickt he Next: Add Storage button to proceed

78. Add Storage [Leave as it is] and click the Next: Tag Instance

89. Enter the website description or website name or domain as the value. See the next figure



Click Next: Configure Security Group button to proceed with the process

10. Configure Security Group

Select an existing security group and check the default one and click the Review and Launch button to proceed



11. Review Instance Launch[Leave as it is] and click the launch button

1112. On the dropdown, select Choose an existing key pair because we already added one via filezilla which appears on the second dropdown. If we don’t have existing key yet, see step 13

1213. How to add key pair?

13.1Open filezilla

13.3 Go to Edit->settings->Connection->SFTP and add key file by clicking the button Add keyfile

Figure 1

13 Fig 1


Figure 2

13 Fig 2

Figure 3

13 Fig 3



14, Launch Status – Figure below represents successful instance

1415. Check if the new Instance is listed – below shows our new listed instance.



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