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Advantages of having website of your business

Advantages of having website of your business

Bringing business online will be the best way to promote business especially those businesses that are new to the industry. Internet will help them market, advertise the product and introduce to everyone what was the business all about. One example is Facebook ads, an advertising feature offered through Facebook. Another one is called SEO. This […]

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Searching for the right one to create a website for your business?

Searching for the right one to create a website for your business? Rypaci Marketing solution will surely be an answer to your needs regarding on your business website because we offer several services like Web Development and WordPress Development such as Responsive and E-commerce website. Responsive in the sense that the website will be accessible in any screen size, either on a desktop, laptop, iPad, tablets or even on mobile phones. It also offers Mobile UI Design, SEO services and customizing CMS with a 24 hour support. We are also easy to negotiate with because the CEO itself Mr. Ryan will be the one to accommodate you with professionalism and enthusiasm.
You don’t have to worry on the budget because aside on bringing your business into the next level we create world-class websites in a high quality but a very reasonable price. Because we offer different plan that is fit for the needs of your business and of course, suitable for the budget.
Rypaci Marketing Solution services are also proven and tested because we already made 315 active live developed projects as of 2012 and still in counting living us positive feedbacks from our clients. We also cater other IT related services such as banner design, business card design, flyer, graphic, logo, mug, sticker, vinyl, tarpaulin and youtube channel design.
By choosing Rypaci Marketing solution will sure to produce a professional responsive website for you.


Lots of websites, blogs, and other tutorial sites are available online to teach you about web development. What if you want to learn something formal from trusted individuals without actually going to school?

There are websites that come in handy and offer tutorials and lessons that are most commonly found on colleges and universities. They serve as a great option if you’re not sure where to start, or if you want to bridge gaps in your training. Listed below are some references that could be of use to enhance your skills.

Websites that offer FREE charges for their courses:

  1. 1.        P2PU’s School of Webcraft (https://p2pu.org/en/schools/school-of-webcraft/)

P2PU is a peer-powered learning environment that’s backed by Mozilla to make opportunities open. Courses offers include basics like choosing web hosting or a text editor to use and advanced topic like PHP. You can take individual courses or complete beta challenges to test your knowledge.

  1. 2.       Codecademy (http://www.codecademy.com/#!/exercises/0)

Codecademy offers courses from basic HTML to JavaScript to Ruby and other complex programming languages. Every lesson includes an interactive element that helps you retain the knowledge you’ve learned from it.

  1. 3.       Udacity (https://www.udacity.com/)

Udacity gives classes on web development, HTML5 game development, programming languages and many more. You can learn at your own pace because their instructors are industry leaders, so you’re learning from the best.

  1. 4.       Academic Earth (http://academicearth.org/)

Academic Earth offers free courses from colleges around the world like Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, Cornell University, Indian Institute of Technology, MIT, and more. They include subjects like Introduction to Visual Thinking, Building Dynamic Websites, and Computer Graphics that are presented in video formats.

  1. 5.       Don’t Fear the Internet (http://www.dontfeartheinternet.com/)

Don’t Fear the Internet is a little different from other resources for it covers basic HTML and CSS but specifically for non-web designers. Their lesson is delivered in video format, but with text notes you can easily refer later.

  1. 6.      Web Standards Curriculum (http://www.w3.org/community/webed/wiki/Main_Page)

Web Standards Curriculum, offered by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), covers everything from web design standards to HTML to CSS, and even has information on JavaScript. They also include resources aimed at teachers, with additional references.

Websites that offer membership charges for their courses:

  1. 1.         Lynda.com (http://www.lynda.com/)

Lynda.com is one of the largest premium tutorial sites for software, business and creative topics. For $25/month, you get unlimited access to over 19,000 video courses, all by expert teachers. They do offer a 7-day trial for you to experience their services before you commit on buying it.

  1. 2.       Code School (http://www.codeschool.com/)

Code School is an online learning environment that offers both premium and free courses on Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and iOS.

  1. 3.       Udemy (https://www.udemy.com/)

Udemy offers both premium and free courses, but being free means digging the site just to find them. It lets you learn courses from leading instructors and also lets you teach your own courses and earn money.

  1. 4.      Skillfeed (https://www.skillfeed.com/)

Skillfeed, like Lynda.com offers 7-day trial but only requires $19/month for unlimited subscription. It is relatively new offering from Shuttercock. Video classes can be accessed from your laptops, desktops, or mobile devices too, so there is no reason not to learn.

  1. 5.       Treehouse (http://teamtreehouse.com/)

Treehouse, unlike any other resources, offers 14-day free trial to both Basic and Pro membership they offer which is usually ranging from $25-$49/month. They have currently 1,000 videos that will help you learn to build websites and web apps, mobile apps, or even how to start business.

  1. 6.      Tuts + Premium Courses ( https://tutsplus.com/courses/)

Tuts + Premium Courses give more formal educational environment with just $19/month (or $15/month if you pay yearly). They do offer two free courses which are “30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS” and “30 Days to Learn jQuery”.

  1. 7.       WebDesign.com   (http://webdesign.com/)

WebDesign.com approaches online learning differently for they offer live, interactive webinars that is included in their video training library. They offer some live webinars for free (mostly non-technical subjects). Membership is $197 for a full year for full access and also available at $47 (monthly) and $97 (yearly) to just live webinars.

Who or what you need to learn all things about web development, do not rely on a single source. Resources stated above may teach you different and new things than the other, so explore more to learn more.


Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a website for the Internet (World Wide Web) and intranet (a private network). This can include web design, web content development, web server and network security configuration, e-commerce development, and many more.

Becoming a web developer, who is known to do things that what gives life on the internet or intranet, there is a five step-approach to make those dreams at reach without spending a bundle of money.

  1. 1.        Engage in real-life projects.

People learn better if they are working on real-life projects with real-life requirements. It is frustrating to focus on books and just imagine how things would work without even trying it physically. Start looking for small real-life projects that could benefit your company (if you have one or been working under one) or just benefit you alone (freelance). For you are claiming yourself as a web developer, you should look for projects that is related to web or in simple term, web-based.

  1. 2.       Learn some HTML.

HTML is a language that is used to create web pages. There are a lot of websites that offers a tutorial for learning HTML and one of these is the W3shools (http://www.w3schools.com). It gives you a step-by-step lesson and let you take their free test to know if you are ready to venture on creating website.

  1. 3.       Learn PHP basics.

PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. This says that HTML and PHP has a deep relationship and would really tell you to focus on both.

  1. 4.      Know how to create Databases

You can think of a database as an electronic filing system. Database is often abbreviated as DB, which is basically a collection of information organized in such a way that a computer program can quickly select desired pieces of data. Once you are connected on the internet, try browsing for some tutorials available online that could help you on becoming knowledgeable on creating and managing databases.

  1. 5.       Be creative.

What is the essence of learning steps one to four if you are not creative enough in creating web applications? Being creative is the most important step web developers recommend you to follow. Creativeness of a certain web developer does not lie on how good they are at combining colors, picking appropriate images, choosing font faces and styles but how could they catch attention once your web application is available on line. Feedbacks become your credibility as a web developer, so be careful.

Do not expect to learn all of this overnight and suddenly become a master at Web Development the next day. It also takes time and patience to know it all. All web developers have been on that stage too. This will just only serve as a guide for you to be aware of what is needed to be a web developer. Still, without perseverance, you are not suited for everything.


Everything that exists in the world has its own building blocks, a basic unit where they were built up. Human body has amino acids, computer has modules, and Web Development has its own, HTML and CSS.

HTML and CSS is one the most important foundations to obtain for Web Developers. Those are web applications’ building blocks which give them life, color, and importance. Schools with Computer related courses offer some teachings with regards to these two concepts that help students build web applications at ease.

HyperText Markup Language, or which is commonly termed as HTML, is a computer language devised to allow website creation. These websites are viewed by anyone connected to the internet. The concrete definition of HTML is:

  • HyperText is the method where you move around the web – clicking hyperlinks that will bring you to other pages on the web. It is hyper for it is not linear, which means you can go to any place on the Internet without a set of order to follow.
  • Markup is what HTML tags (code that describes how a Web page is formatted) do to the text inside them.
  • HTML is a Language for it is composed of codes and syntax like any other existing languages.

Learning HTML will not take you long. It will just take few days of reading to be able to use it firsthand.  HTML will not require you to be online all the time because you can code your website offline, storing it on your own computers and just transfer it on the web when you are connected.

Web Development just doesn’t focus on you being an expert in manipulating HTML but also requires you to be knowledgeable of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS is a styling language that defines the layout of the HTML document. It covers the font, color, margin, line, height, width, images, positions and many other things you want to happen and see on your web pages.

CSS when used has its following benefits:

  • Can control the layout of many documents with just a single style sheet (inherit).
  • Can be used to apply different layout to different media-types (screen, print, etc).
  • There are more advanced and sophisticated techniques that will help you make your website look more appealing to the viewers’ eyes.

The concept of HTML and CSS are sometimes understood and used interchangeably. The difference between HTML and CSS is that HTML is responsible for the construction and gives the total output of the page while CSS does not “create” anything. Instead, it decorates elements in HTML.

Then, understanding HTML and CSS is not making you do the work but letting you realize their existence as part of the websites you are having fun of browsing.

Developing a Website Application

What is a web application? What does it mean to be aware of its existence and usage? Why is it developed? These are common questions raised and answered as long as you are connected to the internet and browse using your favorite browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc). Web application plays a vital role now on humans as technology develops and continues to grow. With just a glimpse, technology is not what we know and experience before.

People today are more focused on what’s happening on the internet without knowing where and how it had come to be. They are into the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; online games like DOTA, Counter Strike and Ragnarok; mailing sites like Google Mail and Yahoo Mail; and even businesses tend to use web applications to broaden their business’ scope. But do they know how it was developed?

Web development is what gets your website running; it is what gives your website life and color. Most people just want to use the products of web development than engage in developing it with the thought that it is “difficult”. Just an advice, there is nothing difficult if you are motivated to do so.
People behind those innovations on the web are called Web Developers, the ones who accepted the challenge of producing products that we all use and have fun now. And do you know how they live their lives now? LEISURELY and COMFORTABLY! Being on the web development business will let you experience these benefits:

• You can work anywhere.
As long as there is an internet connection, even at your own home, you can do your job. This will not require you to be imprisoned on a business facility; you have your freedom, so to speak.

• You are in demand.
Due to the fast growing need for someone who could do magic on the web, many web developers are needed to develop this and develop that, which users at home could benefit and make use of.

• You don’t need a degree.
Being a graduate from a computer related course is not its main requirement. Companies will not hire you base on what you had achieved, but with what you could do – DEVELOP.

• Job after Job.
Lots of jobs on hand. Because everyone needs products of web developers, the ones we know as web applications. Job opportunities will not leave you as long as you are destined for it.
To sum it all up, WEB DEVELOPMENT is not difficult as you think of it. People are just afraid to face the challenge without realizing what they are losing. Opportunities are everywhere, but if you are not brave enough to grab it, then that would really be DIFFICULT.

Web Application Development Isn’t a Hassle

Having trouble developing your website? Not this time. Today, web application development tools have all the references that you need to develop your web application in an instant.

Whatever transaction you need to install in your website are already present. All of it can be applied based on your demand.Internet technologyprovides great solution to your problems. It has become the best business tool in our modern world and the most powerful communication tool that brought the globe in a single room.

Through the use of web application tools, developing your site would take lesser time due to its complete development structure, customized design, solid functionality, and cross platform services.

If you don’t know how to use these tools, hire the best web developers that you can trust and let them do it for you. You have a lot of option to choose from. Just pick one and start developing your web application.This is the time for you to have the opportunity to develop an astonishing website that will cross the corners of the world connecting you among others accessing knowledge resources at your fingertips.

The existing web application tool has marvellous potential and a lot to offer to you in terms of services. Whatever single innovation in science and technology today if do not adopt on it, nothing will happen.

Developing web application is not a big deal at this moment. The technology is leading the world towards improvement. Everything that you ever imagined is possible on the web. Use available tools that you can find on the net and other resources to make ease of your website development.

Take the advantage of having all the tools present and ready for any applicable project development. This would encourage your personal interest in developing your web application and would challenge you to develop more.

Your Design: Your Future

Are you a good web designer? Want to build an amazing website application and want to expose your designs over the net? Then it is the time for you to make your own spark.

Web designing jobs arevery in demand at this moment. Your capabilities to design unique concepts are highly encourage. Many employers are looking for someone that has the potential to design and compete in the field of web development.

Your future is in your hand. All you need to do is to discover your hidden talents and skills in designing. Enhance by practicing your skills, learn from your past experiences, and exposed it to the world to improve your self-confidence.

As a web designer, you should have a good understanding about your field to commendably delivered design products. How the World Wide Web works, what are the things that you need to consider integrating your design into more effective web application, and how are you going to maintain a good relation to your employers or to your clients.

These things are very necessary in achieving your goals in life. Learn to be flexible in any situation. Whatever the outcome of your design, do not hesitate to accept criticism coming from different people regarding the work that you have and shown to them. Let them be your guide towards perfection. Your design skills need new ideas coming from them. Learn from the people around you, the environment that you are into, and the life that you have right now to figure out the real beauty of having a talent that can change your future.

Don’t stop believing in your self.Do your best at all times. No matter how big or how small the project is, still do whatever you can do to impress your employer or clients. Stay focus on your work and be concise. Having a focus will make your work easier and faster.

Through your designs skill, you are building your future with an exceptional plan, solid foundation, thorough construction, quality materials, and a powerful production.

So let your imagination comes out in your cage and start doing your part.





The Amazing Search Engine

The linked information is enormously increasing over the internet. Appropriate information for specific searches is difficult to find due to massive number of data stored in the web. Search engines like Google is very popular when it comes to searching. Search engines are using components to find the best searches over the web. The capability of these search engines is very impressive. It answers all searches that might help us find appropriate information.

But the amazing functionality of search engines doesn’t end there; search engines today are more supplementary than in the past. It was used as a source of information based on searches.

By using search engine optimization process, your site will be on top of every search that the user does. Search engines are using the best algorithm in searching specific data.The use of every search engine now days is widely encourage to get the best possibility to be one of the most visited site in the internet technology. Looking to its capability to make your businesses easily recognize on the web will be the best way to advertise and promote your products and services.

Search engine optimization process provides services that will assist web surfers to click and access your site through keyword analysis. With this, every search they made will provide them the top sites which are closer to the information they provide.

As a businessman or business organization, its better to hire an SEO expert to make your website be on top. Advertising is the most effective way and essential part of every business.  Adopt and make use of this very useful tool to be able to gain more visitors that will visit your site. Your website will become popular and accessible to customers where they can reach your products in a convenient way.

This amazing search engine will help you to become more visible in the public market. Support your business marketing environment to get the desired level of attainment.

Web Development as an Industry

During this time, people are immersed into a virtual world to have realistic training and realistic interactions in the World Wide Web. Every now and then, people are doing businesses online, communicating to one another, building organizations, advertising their personal interest, and creating their own mark. All of this are impart with the innovation of the web development.

Web development is pushing the essence of large businesses to sell products and services via online using one of the most effective tools that would increase the possibility of their business to become more popular, more successful and will automate their business workflow.

Starting from a small community to a one big industry instills the public that the web development today is considered as an evolving and unstoppable industry. Every business institutions are adopting the web due to the reason that people or the users are interacting with online applications to create new personal experience, find their future, create their own content that would give an ease in their daily living.

People are exchanging unique ideas, share information regarding work experiences, business proposal, delivering products and services towards consumers, shopping and buying personal interests, media distribution, doing research to answer questions about their study, and transforming the world into more interactive way of living.

Almost all sectors in the world are depending on the web development. Web development revolution led several manufacturing company to industrialize the nation by increasing its services hiring people to work with their institution. Millions of people have the chance to work using the web without having a bachelor’s degree to attain the position. This process helps the government to lessen the problem of looking available resources to provide industrial work place for the people.

As the impact of web development continues, the people are looking forward to put their selves into the web development adopting new trends that would enhance their capacity to work in the realistic world, improve work performance using innovative tools in the net, and boost the confidence to stand on their own.


Now, the web development takes a portion of the world. And tomorrow, web development leads us to our future.




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